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quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2012


Vi este Instructable, e pensei logo no Carvaval...

Turn almost any 3d shape into a real object
I'm going to show you guys how to turn almost any 3d shape you have into a real object. I used a regular hot wire cnc. The hot wire cnc is that computer controlled machine that cuts letters out of eps or xps foam. I actually saw an instructable on this site about making a cheap hot wire cnc. Adding a turning table to a foam cutter cnc allows you to make any round shape like columns, vases, spheres, eggs.

Óptimo para fazer  toda a espécie de coisas em 3D, a partir de chapa cortada a Laser, e usando o Autodesk Inventor, eis este Instructable, para um candeeiro:

Desktop Lamp simple.

Jesse Harrington Au

I created this desktop lamp because I was inspired by another one I saw on Instructables but wanted something a bit simpler in style and creation.

Created with Autodesk Inventor, 123D Make http://123D Make and at TechShop

E isto, é uma ideia simples, mas muito importante!

Car Door Warning Color


This is a simple 'Ible about using color to increase automobile safety.

Where I live, traffic is dense. We have a plethora of motorized vehicles in a relatively small area, from big trucks on down to scooters. We have a lot of narrow streets and alleys too. Also, here in Taiwan we enjoy a high percentage of motorcycle and scooter ownership. It used to be highest in the world, and may still be. Scooters and motorcycles are often streaming past cars, whether those cars are parked, standing, or under way. It is dangerous when a car door opens and oncoming traffic, either two- or four-wheeled, does not have enough warning. 

...E ainda dá para meter esta notícia, um Carro Desportivo eléctrico Português:

Carro desportivo português

Fonte: Jornal de Negócios
VEECO-RT é o nome do primeiro carro desportivo elétrico português que gasta apenas um euro aos 100 quilómetros. A viatura terá uma velocidade máxima de 160 km/h e promete uma aceleração dos zero aos 100 km em oito segundos.

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