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terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

O Poder da Mente

Um Computador que se controla com a Mente, e atenção, sem nenhuma armação atada à cabeça, mas sim uma simples correia, ao braço:

BodyWave lets you control a PC with your mind - without a headset

By Kent Sutherland

A bio-feedback armband called BodyWave is the first of its kind to measure brainwave activity through the body, not the scalp. Instead of an EEG headset recording a user's concentration level, the Bodywave reads brainwaves at the arm by measuring the electric current given off by neurons firing in the brain. Bundled with an interactive software package called Play Attention, it reportedly enables interactive feedback and training towards peak mental performance. Apart from the obvious potential in sport, its ability to train attention and teach stress-control in mobile situations (much less obtrusively than wearing a headset) opens up wider potential. It has already found applications in education, industry and the military as well as in improving the lives of people with disabilities like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Internet para mesmo todos, a India desenvolveu um aparelho análogo ao Ipad, mas comn oi preço de menos de 35 dólares!

Increasing internet usage gives more and more power to the people of India and China
Shannon Buckley

Due to expense, there was controversy in New Zealand mid last year when an Auckland school required the purchase of some sort of digital tablet such as an iPad by every new student. However, India may have developed new technology which overcomes the problem of expense and allows hundreds of millions of Indians in remote rural areas to connect to the internet. It may also soon make Indians the biggest single internet user population in the world.

The new device is similar in function to the Apple iPad – but the major difference is that it can be made and sold for under £35. Professor Prem Kalra, who is a team leader at the Rajasthan Indian Institute of Technology, has commented:

"We expect that within five or 10 years everyone will have one – and every year there will be greater capacity. There will be children learning, farmers checking on irrigation or crop prices, pregnant women getting medical assistance, all through the Aakash [the name of the new device]. It is empowerment on a global scale,”

...E mais um vídeo sobre CNC, com Robots amudar as Ferreamentas duma màquina CNC:

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