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segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Notícias do camandro...

Um novo material do caraças, uma membrana de  Grafeno impermeável até ao Hélio e que só deixa passar àgua evaporada, e deixa-a passar tão fácilmente, COMO SE NÃO EXISTISSE!
Imagino que as possiblilidades abertas por esta notícia vá desencadear uma data de Invenções novas por aí...

Graphene reveals yet another extraordinary property

By Darren Quick

Ever since University of Manchester scientists Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov first isolated flakes of graphene in 2004 using that most high-tech pieces of equipment - adhesive tape - the one-atom sheet of carbon has continued to astound researchers with its remarkable properties. Now Professor Sir Andre Geim, (he's now not only a Nobel Prize winner but also a Knight Bachelor), has led a team that has added superpermeability with respect to water to graphene's ever lengthening list of extraordinary characteristics.

Graphene has already proven to be the thinnest known material in the universe, strongest material ever measured, the best-known conductor of heat and electricity, and the stiffest known material, while also the most ductile. But it seems the two-dimensional lattice of carbon atoms just can't stop showing off.

...E o "canivete suíço" das Motorizadas Eléctricas estará em breve à venda, por 4000 Euros:

Production of the EUR4000 fold-up pedal-electric Voltitude set to begin

By Mike Hanlon

The Voltitude fold-up electric scooter has an ingenious EasyFold system. Once folded, a special button on the handlebar enables you to "walk" it alongside you indoors, so you never raise a sweat in reaching a power outlet, which will fully replenish the battery inside four hours. The 25 kph (15.5 mph) electric assist Voltitude begins volume production in July with an on-line price expected in the vicinity of EUR4000.

...E que tal... DADOS, para aprender a tocar?

Chord Dice give songwriters a chance

By Gizmag Team

We uncovered lots of fantastic technology-driven innovations at NAMM recently, but as we saw with PocketStrings, not all good ideas are built around transistors. Chord Dice is another example. This clever songwriting and teaching tool dispenses with chord charts and books and hangs musical theory on the roll of the dice.

Part of learning to write a song is figuring out which chords sound good together. While experienced musos may be able to reel off all the chords in a particular key, beginners may find themselves constantly referring to charts in order to hit upon the right combination. The idea of Chord Dice is to distill this information onto the face of a die so that it's easy to learn the chords in a particular key. Even if you are not a beginner, there may be some inspiration to be had from rolling the dice.

Ainda mais uma, divulgando a DAR news, vejam lá a introducção ao Arduino:

DAR Training

We can't talk about advanced resources without developing proper training strategies. That's why DAR is developing an intense formation plan that starts with informal workshops but that will also include other types of courses. In January 2012 we will announce our yearly workshops program.
It will be organized in four different main themes distributed along each month four weeks. The idea is to turn a theme into a course and also better evaluate the outcomes.
Also DAR wants to assume all the formation plans as a solid and flexible complement do traditional design education.
This is one of the most important areas of dissemination of all the design resources DAR identifies since the association is completely independent from any political or technocratic rules.

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