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segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

Música, radares, e HDTV

Transformem qualquer superfície sólida num Instrumento Musical!

Mogees turns any rigid surface into a musical instrument

By Jan Belezina

Mogees is great news for all the air guitarists out there. This tiny device, built by Bruno Zamborlin for his Arts and Computational Technologies PhD project*, offers a whole new way of expressing yourself musically, even if you don't have the slightest idea how to play an instrument. Mogees, or a "Mosaicing Gestural Surface," is based on a simple contact microphone that turns any hard surface into a musical interface for triggering audio samples. What sets Mogees apart from other interfaces of this kind is that different types of touch stimuli generate different output. Simple gestures like scratching, rubbing or tapping can produce a surprising array of sounds worthy of a serious experimental music set up.

Algo de muito importante, um sistema de radar que detecta pessoas que caiam nos carris dos caminhos-de-ferro!

Radar system could detect people who fall onto train tracks

By Ben Coxworth

Although you may never have seen it happen yourself, it isn't all that uncommon for large objects - including people - to fall onto the tracks at subway or railway platforms. While security personnel viewing CCTV feeds will catch some of these accidents, the cameras' shots are sometimes obscured by people, poor lighting, or even the trains themselves. The results can range from lengthy delays in rail service, to fatalities. Now, however, researchers working on a project for the Université Lille Nord de France have developed a system that uses radar to automatically detect and identify objects that fall onto the tracks. When installed at a platform, the system could then shut off power to the tracks, and notify oncoming trains.

Isto é impecável, vídeos da Net, acessíveis em qualquer TV.
Mas não se esqueçam que a  maioria das maquinetas que adaptam os vossos televisores para a  Televisão Digital Terrestre, se tiverem entrada USB, dão para verem os filmes que apanhem na Net, e gravem para uma simples Pen-disk!

Always Innovating's HDMI dongle turns any HDTV into a "Smart" TV

By Emily Price

Now you don't necessarily need to own a "Smart TV" in order to get Android apps on your television. Always Innovating will be showing off its HDMI dongle at CES this week, a compact device that can turn any HDTV into a Smart TV. Essentially Always Innovating's HDMI Dongle is a portable version of a set-top box. The device is based on the Texas Instruments Cortex-A9 OMAP 4 ,which can run from 1GHz to 1.8GHz depending of the configuration, and offers 1GB of RAM as well as a micro SD card for local storage.

The dongle can run on Ice Cream Sandwich, can stream and decode 1080p H.264 video from the Internet, and is compatible with popular streaming-video services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. The device is controlled using a special 9-button remote that is capable of interpreting voice inputs and features near field communication (NFC) technology to offer tap-to-share capabilities.

E mais uma maravilha de Matthias Wandel, como fazer com que a vossa Fresa se transforme numa máquina incrívelmente versátil!

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