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quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

Gelo, e gatos

Objectos 3D, em gelo! Do Blog da Ponoko.
Claro que dá para pensar logo em Fundição a molde perdido...

3D printing with ice

A cool way to print (…sorry)

I love experiments with non-standard 3D printing materials. Mashed potatoes was probably my favourite until now… But printing with ice has the irresistible combination of converting a digital file into a fixed, permanent medium that is also temporary.

As 10 melhores Engenhocas para... Gatos!

Gizmag's top 10 cat gadgets

By Andrea Powell

Felis catus, the domestic cat. They've been our companions for thousands of years, but if you're a cat looking for some comfort, distraction or just some new playthings, there's never been a better time to be alive. We recently looked at some fun apps for your cat to play with on your iPad or tablet, but if you're not inclined to let your feline loose on an expensive piece of modern computing equipment, read on. Whether your furry fleabag is a pampered Persian or an ear bitten moggy, Gizmag's top 10 cat gadgets have been compiled with Puss's pleasure (and yours) in mind.

-Bóbi! Vem ao dono! Ou, como controlar um robot por chat!

Do Google+ de Maurício Martins, da AltLab:
It's not every day that you can use Chat to do something as out of the ordinary as controlling a robot---or is it? Let me introduce you to +Magabot! Using #GoogleChat, anyone can control the Magabot with simple commands to speed up, slow down, turn left, turn right, etc. And even cooler than that, when you Video Chat with Magabot, you can see where you're headed, as the laptop sitting on Magabot will show you what it sees. Check out the video below which introduces you to Magabot in all its glory 

E um fato voador!

Gryphon winged suit drops in for some serious air time

By Jeff Salton

Are you were waiting for a good reason to join the armed forces? Perhaps you are just a kid who always dreamed of flying and never grew up, or maybe you are thinking of challenging Yves (Jetman) Rossy in the human winged flight game? This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Get ready to duck … the Gryphon Next Generation Parachute System could be headed your way. Although engine-less, the Gryphon still has an electronic guidance system and heads-up display navigation and all equipment is cleverly tucked away making for better “stealth” flights.

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