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domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

Fabricação digital

Uma maravilha de Apresentação e Apresentadora, de mais um Post da Ponoko...

A primer on 3D printing 
2012 may be the year of 3D printing: Lisa Harouni on TED
We may be preaching to the converted, but for those who still aren’t convinced (or maybe even aren’t aware) of just how exciting 3D printing is, this recent TED talk gives a neat overview.
E vejam só até onde se pode ir!

...E se fizerem uma Empresa de Fabriucação 3D, ou de outras Engenhocas, que tal, apresentarem Cartões de Visita...

Ultraviolet Business Card Flashlight

If you've seen some of my other business cards, I like the idea of giving away cards that are useful in some way.  Most of my others have been more proof-of-concept, but this one is not only fun but easy to make, inexpensive and has a real wow factor.

It's a simple ultraviolet torch, but the basic design can easily be made as a normal (white) flashlight instead, and the components only cost a couple of dollars.

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