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sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

Open Harware, é bom!

Eis mais coisas boas, deste Site a tomar nota:
Um novo Arduíno, para Auto-Piloto, triplo cpu, uma máquina que é u Único Auto-piloto Universal!

Please welcome ArduPilotMega 2.0!

APM 2.0 is the culmination of almost a year of hard work. We wanted to make it perfect and we finally have it, we are pushing the limits of AVR and Arduino. I’m sure you will love it, and it’s designed to cover all the DIY community expectations (including those that are not so DIY and are only interested for something that doesn’t require soldering skills).

Main Features
  • Three processors--a triple-core autopilot!
  • All new state-of-the-art sensors; the first autopilot to use the Invensense 6DoF MPU-6000
  • Smaller, lighter, cheaper than APM 1.0--just $199 ready to fly, with GPS, magnetometer and dataflash included.
  • Like APM 1.0, this is the world's only Universal Autopilot. The same hardware can autonomously control planes, multicopters, regular helicopters, rovers, even boats, with just a one-click firmware change--no programming required! Best-of-breed mission planning and two-way telemetry, and soon with advanced scripting with Python for robot acrobatics and more.
  • Twice as much dataflash memory, with SD card slot
  • No soldering required
  • When using the internal sensor fusion processor of the MPU-6000, more than half of the Atmega2560 processing capacity is free for new advanced features.
  • Native USB, with all new PPM encoder software

...E o Site da mais barata das Impressoras 3D tem vídeo ao vivo, agora, via Ustream, uma boa ideia:

  2 new Announcements:
  • LIVE TONIGHT! @ 5:30pm E.T. we will be doing a Q&A broadcast on our USTREM channel!
    Here’s your chance to ask us about our machine LIVE!
    I will be broadcasting from home, so the video feed will be off momentarily while I go and get set up, but check in at 5:30 to have any questions answered,
    Thanks again to everyone that helped us finish our project
  • You will be able to chat with us on Ustream with the chat client to the right of the video window, OR go to our website and use the MeeboMe widget on the homepage. You can edit your username, and then chat directly without having to wait!

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