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quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Notícias de pasmar!

Há entraves de Visa, e Burocracias várias, que dificultam a Inovação, nos Estados Unidos?
Solução à Americana: Fazem-se Estados autónomos flutuantes!
Vai lá, vai...

Paypal founder backs Blueseed "visa-free entrepreneurship and tech incubator"

By Bridget Borgobello

Paypal co-founder and billionaire Peter Thiel, who is currently the Seasteading Institute's "most generous funder" has continued his commitment to creating floating autonomous states by backing Blueseed. The new initiative hopes to create a floating "entrepreneurship and technology incubator" off the coast of San Francisco, allowing the next generation of creative entrepreneurs to legally develop new technologies without US working visas.

Querem saber porque é que uma porção da EDP foi comprada pela China, e não o contrário?

Porque cá, as Empresas, anafadas, bacocas, e geridas por Burocratas, riem-se dos Inventores;
Lá, elas são geridas por... 

Quem se lembrar do Spectrum, e do Commodore Amiga, (éramos muito jovens, cóf, cóf...) vai adorar ISTO, um Computador minimalista, mas funcional, de ligar à TV, por 25 Dólares:

US$25 Raspberry Pi personal computer nears launch date

By Randolph Jonsson

Budding computer hackers/scientists are about to get a welcome gift, albeit a bit late for Christmas 2011. The non-profit Raspberry Pi Foundation (RPF) is nearing the release date of its surprisingly powerful and remarkably affordable Raspberry Pi line of bare-bones machines that have been developed in an effort to broaden kids' access to computers in the UK and abroad. How affordable? The figure above was no typo. Read on to learn just what US$25 will get you when these nifty, fully-assembled, credit-card sized computers go on sale next month (sorry, case, monitor, keyboard and mouse not included ... we did say bare bones).

Mas para os que querem sempre o melhor do melhor, eis uma placa gráfica mais que rápida:

AMD Radeon HD 7970 unveiled as world's first 28nm GPU

By Pawel Piejko

AMD has taken the wraps of the Radeon HD 7970 graphics card. Billed as the world's fastest single GPU graphics card and the only GPU based on 28nm production technology, the new arrival pushes AMD ahead of NVIDIA in terms of miniaturization. The HD 7970 uses a new Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture that AMD says results in a 150 percent performance/sq mm jump over the previous 40nm-based generation, is compatible with PCI Express 3.0 and features 3GB of GDDR5 memory and 925MHz engine clock. It also supports Direct3D 11.1 to be released with Windows 8.

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