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quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011


O Primeiro, um Projecto muita louco, façam vocês mesmos os vossos  Bonecos Gigantes insufláveis... 
Ou até um Castelo para a Míudagem!

Giant Inflatable Robot

Otherlab has been doing a lot of inflatable fabrication lately, and we thought it was about time to write an Instructable about it.  What better subject to inflatable-ize than the Instructables robot itself?  Here's the high level view of the fabrication process.

...E vejam, do site destes autênticos Génios, é do caneco, orgulho-me de ter descoberto estes gajos!

Lightweight,low-cost inflatable robotic arm

Otherlab’s “pneubotics”program has produced the world’s first inflatable, robotic arm. We’re refining fabrication techniques and design, but this prototype demonstrates the potential strength and dexterity of this low-cost, safe robotics technology.

O que fazer com todos os Microondas que os Engenhocas apanham, sem parar, para desespero das Patroas?
Então, nada mais, nada menos do que... 
Uma Máquina de Soldar!

Spot Welder from a microwave oven transformer and water tank

I have seen a few projects which use an old microwave oven transformer re-wound with a low voltage secondary to make a hobby spot welder, and I decided to have a go at making one. I ended up designing my own using copper sheet to make the secondary, following an unsatisfactory experience attempting to use wire I made from about 100 strands of stripped down CAT5 cable, which at nearly 6mm diameter wasn't thick enough and melted its insulation, causing the winding to short circuit.

E eis mais um projecto de Fundição de Metais, faz sempre falta, nestes tempos, em que não se sabe se não vamos voltar ao Séc. 19...
Um gajo não sabe o que é um Hobby Engenhocas Macho, enquanto não derrete Metal, é como Churrascada, mas com Esteróides, e que até nos dá coisas úteis, a temperatura, o cheirete, o perigo... Ahhhhh!

Dual Fuel Metal Melting Furnace

I got such a great response from the Easy Dual Fuel Furnace Burner that it only made sense to follow it up with the rest of the furnace.

This furnace will be able to handle melting aluminum and bronze with no trouble. In theory it should be able to melt iron too but that's probably pushing it.

I've been using my furnace for a couple years now and it has worked out quite well. My design is based on information I picked up from the backyard metalcasting forum. It's a great resource and community. There are a bunch of furnace builds there exploring a variety of ideas. I recommend checking it out. I'd also read this comprehensive guide for a general overview of metal casting and furnace design.

Um novo Material da Sculpteo:

New material on : White detail resine

Sculpteo is proud to announce the immediate availability of a new material for 3D printing in high definition : white detail resine.

Creations are printed by using Objet technology. It works by jetting photopolymer materials in ultra-thin layers, layer by layer, until the model is completed. In the final stage, each photopolymer layer is immediately solidified by UV light.

The printing resolution is 28 microns. The object is rigid, opaque, with a smooth surfacing, high detailed. It’s very close to standard plastic.

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