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segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011

Instructables à brava!

Um Candelabro de LEDs:

LED Chandelier

I built a few cool projects I found on and now it's time for me to contribute.  This is a LED chandelier that I made using Christmas LED string lights.  It not difficult to make but it takes some time.  I think it's totally worth it and the end product look awesome!

...Para alinharem os vossos Engenhos, uma Cruz laser auto-reguladora:

Auto Leveling Laser Cross
Auto Leveling Laser Cross
So this Lazy Old Geek purchased a Laser Cross. I created a manual leveling Laser Cross to use for aligning stuff on my drill press:

Tomem lá Ciência, um Trans-Iluminador de Ultra-Violetas, para o  vosso Laboratório de Biologoa Molecular, e sabe-se lá o que mais:

UV Transilluminator

UV-transilluminators are used in molecular biology labs to view DNA (or RNA) that has been separated by electrophoresis through an agarose gel. During or immediately after electrophoresis, the agarose gel is stained with a fluorescent dye which binds to nucleic acid. Exposing the stained gel to a UVB light source causes the DNA/dye to fluoresce and become visible. This technique is used wherever the researcher needs to be able to view their sample, for example sizing a PCR product, purifying DNA segment after a restriction enzyme digest, quantifying DNA or verifying RNA integrity after extraction.

E que tal transformar o Amplificador das vossas Guitarras num Rádio?
Deve ser a coisa mais incrível que ouvi este Mês!

'Amplify' : Radio Hack.

Amplify’ is a revolutionary device that allows you to turn your guitar amplifier, into a radio in seconds! Whether you’re a guitar nut, roadie, or just fancy a change from your typical radio to get the traffic reports, Amplify is perfect. It’s small enough to throw in your bag, and elegant in its own retro way so as not to spoil the classic look of your beloved guitar amp.

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