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sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

Grandes notícias!

Eis algo que infelizmente chegou à minha atenção tarde demais, mas há  sempre o ano que vem, se Deus quizer:

100 days from idea to investment

Heard about Y-combinator or TechStars? Well now you can apply to JFDI.Asia, the first TechStars Network member in South East Asia. With a focus on mobile, our partners including SingTel Innov8 bring access to more than 416 million customers and over S$200 million investment.

Uma boa ideia achada pela Ponoko, este novo site do caraças, que promete:

3D Print Place – a new site for collaboration and hardware access

3D Print Place is a new community site for 3D printing. It aims to be a place where people of all skill levels can get involved and have access to everything they need to make things.
There’s a design library for sharing paid & free content, an area to collaborate on creating difficult models, an upcoming design league for friendly competition, and a marketplace for printers & materials.

Atenção, Indústria Têxtil, roupas que se auto-limpam ao Sol!

Treated cotton cleans itself when exposed to sunlight

By Ben Coxworth

For some time now, we've been hearing about the benefits of drying our laundry outside on the clothesline. We save money and energy by not running the dryer, the sunlight kills germs, and we don't run the risk of generating harmful dryer emissions. In the future, however, we might also end up washing our clothes by hanging them outside - scientists in China have successfully used sunlight to remove orange dye stains from cotton fabric, that was treated with a special coating.

Mingce Long and Deyong Wu created the coating, which combines titanium dioxide and nitrogen. When exposed to sunlight, dirt on fabric treated with the coating breaks down, and microbes die. While the coating in its basic form is effective, it was found that it does an even better job at dispersing dye coloration when silver and iodine nanoparticles are added. Additionally, it is able to remain intact and active after washing and drying.

...E a menor Máquina a Vapor do Mundo!

Scientists create "the world's smallest steam engine"

By James Holloway

It sounds implausible, yet scientists have managed to create a functioning engine, analogous to a Stirling engine, just three micrometers wide and made of a single particle. The minuscule engine was created by Clemens Bechinger and Valentin Blickle at the University of Stuttgart, and though it has its quirks, the pair have apparently demonstrated the engine's ability to do work.

"We've developed the world's smallest steam engine, or to be more precise the smallest Stirling engine, and found that the machine really does perform work," Bechinger said. "This was not necessarily to be expected, because the machine is so small that its motion is hindered by microscopic processes which are of no consequence in the macroworld."

But before we conjure up images of a microscopic machine with fully operational furnaces and pistons, it's important to realize that this engine literally consists of a simple particle, a plastic colloidal bead, large enough to be observed by microscope.

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