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sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2011

As últimas de 2011

O Open Hardware Weekly, do Maurício & Companhia, da Altlab...

SeemeCNC está já a enviar pelo Correio os seus maravilhosos Kits...

Alright! Best shipping day so far! We managed to get 25 kits packed and shipped today! That puts our total shipped perks to 63 so far! We’re going to be in here all weekend packaging the remaining 40 some perks, but with all the hardware we picked up yesterday and today we should be in great shape come Monday.
If you havn’t yet been over to our Yahoo group, you should! Just search for seemecnc. There’s a great bunch of guys, over 80 now!, and they’re already posting pics and tips/tricks to building the machines! Now, real quick for you perks of assembled/tested machines. We have an assembly area upstairs and we’re building away on the 9 complete assembled tested machines.

...E Fabricação com Engenho e Arte, eis pela Ponoko, uma maneiras inteligente de Fabricação, CNC, só para as peças-chave, o resto, Material de Fábrica, muito mais barato!

3D printed stainless steel and carbon fiber bike

The VRZ 1. by Ralf Holleis uses 3D printed stainless steel lugs (connector pieces) and carbon fiber tubes. The lugs are generated with a custom program before being printed, hand-finished, and glued onto the custom-cut carbon fiber tubes.

This system allows an extremely light frame to be made to a custom size and configuration much more quickly than conventional methods.

Be sure to check out the detailed geometry of the lugs in the video. The combination of the polished lattice lugs and black carbon fiber is striking.

E fresquinho do Brasil, eis um Instructable com as cores do Arco-Íris, ena pá,  do nosso amigo Brazilero2008:

Wireless Rainbow Light Powered by Tesla Coil

Here is a project that uses radio frequency energy generated by a small, bipolar Tesla Coil to energize a ring of multicolored, cold cathode lamps. As with any high voltage device, use caution and good judgment when operating.

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