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quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2011

Woodmarvels e mais...

Notícia da Ponoko, a WoodMarvels, onde aparace um desenho deste vosso amigo, publicou mais um Livro com centenas de desenhos:

Evolution of Wooden Designs – 200 pages of laser cut patterns

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Ponoko Showroom, then chances are you’ve already come across the prolific works of Jon Cantin.

Operating under the banner of WoodMarvels, he has produced hundreds of laser cut designs featuring toys, games, vehicles and more.

WoodMarvels 3: Evolution of Wooden Designs is now available in print and download versions.

What sets this latest publication apart is the format in which the 3d designs appear. Each project includes 3d rendered step-by-step assembly instructions, as well as a pattern on a grid layout. By utilising the grid, Jon incorporates the material thickness – thus giving users a reference point at which they can scale the designs to suit whatever material they wish to work with.

O Site Vintage Projects, com muita ideia antiga, mas boa:

Welcome to the Vintage Projects Collection on a New Server!

Our goal is to preserve the inspired DIY spirit of the past. Our free project reprints cover farm machines, the woodshop, machine shop, boats, archery and more. These vintage plans come from a half-century ago when do-it-yourself enthusiasts turned wood, metal and old motors into useful workhorses, functional tools, and toys.

E uma Mota a Ar Comprimido!

02 Pursuit motorcycle runs on compressed air

By Noel McKeegan

A vehicle that runs on air. It sounds like a fantastic idea, but energy is still needed to compress the air and the losses that go hand-in-hand with converting energy still have to be taken into account, just as in fossil fuel-based propulsion systems. Pros and cons aside, we still haven't seen air powered transport make an impact in the race to find economic, environmentally-friendly ways to get from A to B. Industrial Design student Dean Benstead thinks that compressed air does have a role to play in the future transport mix, and he's designed a working air-powered motorcycle prototype with a view to exploring the viability of the platform.

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