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quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2011


Um Adolescente como deve de ser...
Ajudar os Deficientes, é algo que tem muito mérito, e ainda por cima, em Open Source, para ser mais acessível!

Teenage Honduran builds open source eye-tracking computer interface for the disabled

By Loz Blain

This unique and worthwhile project was put together by a 17-year-old electronics and programming whiz from Honduras, of all places. The Eyeboard system is a low-tech eyeball-tracking device that allows users with motor disabilities to enter text into a computer using eye gestures instead of a physical interface. This kind of system is not unique - there's plenty of eye tracking interfaces out there - but Luis Cruz has figured out a way to build the full system into a set of glasses for less than US$300, putting easier communication within reach of users in developing countries. He's also releasing the software as open source to speed up development. Personally, I spent my year as a 17-year-old in a series of heroic failures trying to impress girls with my air guitar.

Do nosso amigo Jon Cantin, eis Jon, porreiro da vida, a divertir-se, fazendo duma placa de Madeira, um Dinossauro...

Plástico em novas cores, agora temos muito Material à escolha, na Sculpteo:

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