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domingo, 27 de novembro de 2011

Impressão 3D, Hacks, e o Mundo não pára...

Impressão 3D de objectos metálicos, quando é que se arranja um sítio para os Engenhocas fazerem disto?

Video demonstration of Direct Metal Laser Sintering – DMLS

Transformar Hacks em Negócios? Com os habilidosos que nós Lusófonos temos, mãos à obra!

Microsoft Announces "Kinect Accelerator" to Turn Hacks into Businesses
Redmond is encouraging third-party Kinect creativity more actively, recognizing that its device truly belongs to the world.

David Zax 11/24/2011

The Kinect is a product famous for the ingenuity it has inspired in third parties; it's a product almost synonymous with the word "hack." According to some sources, Kinect was initially wary of non-sanctioned Kinect tinkering. Eventually it came around, releasing a software development kit, with the caveat that the SDK was only for non-commercial use. And now, with a new program, Microsoft gets fully behind the creativity its product has unlocked in others: it recently announced the launch of the Kinect Accelerator, which will help 10 Kinect-based startups get on their feet (so to speak).

E para provar que o Mundo não pára, apesar dos  Decretos dos "sábios" Políticos, eis a continuação da exploração do Espaço, mas pelo Sector Privado:

SpaceX Dragon
The future of American spaceflight

The end of the shuttle program left the U.S. with two options for getting to space: paying for a seat on a foreign rocket or hiring a ride from a commercial space company. The commercial option became viable last December, when the SpaceX Dragon became the first privately built vehicle to orbit the Earth and return home safely. During Dragon’s unmanned flight, the 13,700-pound reusable capsule rode on top of a SpaceX-built Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center into orbit and circled the planet twice before splashing down 500 miles off the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Uma ùltima sugestão, se fizerem móveis impecáveis para as vossas Máquinas, como este Engenhocas, vão ter muita mais paz em casa... 

Dejan Kovac's router table

Dejan Kovac writes:
I used the layout and loose dimensioning from Norm Abrams's Deluxe Router Station.
I wanted to go with 18 mm thick plywood as he did, but then I found it is pretty expensive here in Croatia. The cheapest plywood for this project, with not much leftovers, would cost me about 100 $ - and that's without the MDF for the top and the fence, and all the other wood and hardware. That's why I decided to go with a spruce frame and thin plywood for the sides - a more complex but a lot cheaper alternative. And besides, since I'm still a novice I'll benefit from the experience, with all the joints and grooves in this design.
I started drawing the plan for the router station in order to get more familiar with SketchUp and I've got to notice it really takes up a lot of time. Now I better understand what it takes to make the plans with the details you include :)    

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