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terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

Ficção Científica!

Uma ideia dos Filmes, agora é real, imagem que aperece no meio do ar, e é interactiva, pela mão destes geniais Finlandeses da FogScreen:

DisplAir brings interactivity to FogScreen projection display

By Darren Quick

Finnish company FogScreen has been wowing attendees at major events, trade shows and conventions and giving advertisers another way to capture our attention for over five years now with its FogScreen technology - a display system that projects images onto a curtain of fog so they appear to float in the air. Now Russian company DisplAir has added some interactivity to the technology by giving it multi-touch capabilities that allows users to manipulate projected images in mid-air.

Um grande "Olé" para este Engenheiro Espanhol, que merece o título de "mãozinhas de ouro", um Motor V8 em Miniatura de fazer pasmar qualquer um!

Spanish engineer crafts "world's smallest" V-12 engine

By Randolph Jonsson

Anyone who appreciates the precision art of engine design ought to get a kick out of this offering from a Spanish engineer named Patelo. Starting with hunks of aluminum, bronze and stainless steel, he spent over 1200 hours designing, milling, turning and drilling what he claims is "probably" the world's smallest V12 engine. Powered by compressed air injection (0.1kg/sq cm), this little marvel boasts a total displacement of 12 cubic centimeters from its twelve 11.3 mm diameter pistons and works like a charm. Best of all, you can see it come together in the detailed video that follows.

Uma boa notícia para os sofredores, ou entusiastas de Computadores, um Disco Rígido que é meio disco normal, meio estado sólido:

Seagate offers best of both worlds with second gen Momentus XT hybrid solid state/hard drive

By Darren Quick

Released in mid-2010, Seagate's Momentus XT combined performance approaching that of a solid state drive (SSD) with the storage capacity and cheaper price of a traditional platter-based hard disk drive (HDD) in a laptop-friendly 2.5-inch form factor. It accomplished this by combining a traditional 7200 RPM HDD and a 4 GB SLC NAND solid state memory module in the one unit. Now Seagate has begun shipping the second generation of the Momentus XT that it says is its fastest ever consumer level drive.

Seagate says the new Momentus XT that provides 750 GB of storage is 70 percent faster than the first gen drive and up to three times faster than a traditional HDD. The new model retains the 32 MB cache found in its predecessor but ups the amount of NAND Flash memory from 4 to 8 GB and features a 6 Gb/second SATA interface compared to the previous generation's 3 Gb/second SATA.

...E topem-me só a Borracha, a cortiça, e os outros Novos Materiais da Ponoko:

Cheaper, stronger, better + matte black rubber — The New Material Monthly 

It’s been a great month for new materials and material updates. And a lot of them aren’t just new, they’re new and *improved*. We’ve even been able to majorly reduce the price of one of our most popular wood materials.
Here’s the 411 on all the new materials added in the month of November.—-the-new-material-monthly/

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