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terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2011

Cão mecânico, Pato Robótico!

Um Cão-Guia, (mais ou menos), para Cegos, eis uma ideia de muito mérito.
Com muita mobilidade, e capaz de subir e descer escadas, um dia, vai andar por aí...

NSK develops four-legged robot "guide dog"

By Randolph Jonsson

Guide dogs for the visually impaired provide an important service and help provide a welcome sense of autonomy to physically-challenged individuals. Unfortunately, the highly-skilled canines require about US$30,000 in training over several months, and always seem to be in short supply. The growing demand for these specialized animal companions gave a group of engineers from Japan's NSK corporation and the University of Electro-Communications just the impetus they needed to design a mechanical solution, and the robotic guide dog was born.

E já agora, Muletas para jogar à bola!

SideStix crutches designed for more than just walking

By Ben Coxworth

Thirty-eight years ago, a drunk driver hit teenager Sarah Doherty while she was riding her bicycle. She lost her right leg in the accident. An avid athlete, she continued to participate in sports after her recovery, became an occupational therapist, and began adapting rock climbing gear for her own use. That ultimately led to her and her partner Kerith Perreur-Lloyd inventing SideStix, which are forearm crutches designed for active users - like Sarah.

E um Pato Robótico!

Make a crazy robot that walks like a silly duck!
It's an awesome robotic science kit.
Contains battery box, plastic disc, motor, screws, wire, gear box, nuts, plastic feet, metal legs and detailed instructions.
Sim, uma data de prendas de Natal, da TEP, vão lá ver:

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