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segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2011


Um Purificador de àgua, que se carrrega pela Porta USB!

SteriPEN Freedom offers USB-powered water purification

By Pawel Piejko

Water purifier manufacturer SteriPEN has updated its lineup of portable products, with a UV-based unit called the SteriPEN Freedom. Billed as the smallest, lightest and first rechargeable UV water purifier on the market, it disinfects up to 16 oz (0.5 L) of water in 48 seconds.

We've previously covered numerous water purification solutions for the developing world, with LifeStraw, Moringa tree seeds, or even banana peels being notable examples. The new SteriPEN device, however, is defined as hiking and camping equipment by its manufacturer, rather than as a life-saving tool.

The Freedom features a germicidal UV light which destroys 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. Forty-eight seconds is enough for the Freedom to deal with half a liter of water, while a liter simply requires repeating this operation. A green light gauge indicates when it's safe to drink the water.

Uma pergunta:
Se este carro segue uma luz Laser, se tiverem gatos em casa, eles seguirão o Carro ou o Laser? Ou ambos?

Lazer Stunt Chasers pursue a spot of light across your floor

By Ben Coxworth

If you have both a laser pointer and either a cat or a dog in your home, you probably know how much fun it can be to watch your critter chasing after the laser light point on the floor. If you don't have any pets, however, now there's something else that will chase a laser for you - a toy car. Thinkway Toys' Lazer Stunt Chaser is a remote-control vehicle that goes wherever its user shines its laser light controller. Oh yeah, and its wheels light up, too.

Uma engenhoca que transforma qualquer par de òculos de Ciiclista, num Display com dados sobre a Performance do Atleta Amador, ou Profissional...

Sportiiiis turns ordinary sunglasses into heads up display eyewear for cyclists
By Paul Ridden

Canada's 4iiii Innovations has developed a Head Up Display for athletes that can be mounted on virtually all glasses thanks to included universal attachment points, so there's no need to stop wearing your favorite pair of sport sunglasses. Sportiiiis - pronounced "sport-eyes" - receives crucial performance data from any paired monitoring device via ANT+ wireless technology, compares actual performance with desired workout zone parameters and then feeds real-time indicators back to the user via colored LED lights and audio updates.

E apesar do fim do Space Shuttle (grrrr!), poderão haver outros Space Shuttles, e até melhores, baseados neste Projecto já com boas provas da Força Aérea Americana!

Manned version of X-37 space plane in the works?

By David Szondy

When the Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down for the final time on July 21, 2011, it looked as if the notion of a manned spacecraft capable of going into orbit and then landing like a conventional airplane had been abandoned. The US government appears to be in favor of returning to Apollo-style space capsules with anything like the Shuttles being relegated to the private sector. But at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics' (AIAA) recent Space 2011 conference, Arthur Grantz, chief engineer of Space and Intelligence Systems' Experimental Systems Group at Boeing, delivered a paper indicating that the U.S. Air Force and Boeing are already on the way toward developing a manned Shuttle replacement based on the X-37B robot space plane.

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