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quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2011

Mindsets marca pontos

A Mindsets vem carregadinha de coisas boas...

Eis um incrível plástico, fácilmente deformável a frio, e que volta à forma original, quando imerso em àgua quente:

Cold Forming Plastic (CFP)
This plastic looks just like acrylic but has a toughness approaching polycarbonate and can be permanently formed into shape without heating – thus avoiding the use of ovens, strip heaters etc. It is also a shape-memory polymer since it will return to its original flat form on application of moderate heat – e.g., immersion in very hot water. To form the sheet, you can simply bend it by hand or using sheet metal folding equipment. (Alternatively, the sheet can be thermo-formed using conventional heating methods).

E o que dizer deste Material que funciona pelo Efeito Quântico de Túnel?
Sendo normalmente isolante, passa a condutor, quando comprimido, torcido, ou esticado! 
Porreiro para toda a espécie de interruptores, sensores de peso, sei lá que mais!

QTC Pill (Quantum Tunnelling composite)
Quantum tunnelling composite is a flexible polymer that exhibits extraordinary electrical properties. In its normal state it is a perfect insulator, but when compressed it becomes a more or less perfect conductor and able to pass very high currents. Polymers loaded with carbon are, at best, only partially conductive. In QTC, the change from non-conductor to conductor is dramatic, and a tiny piece measuring 4mm square and 1.5mm thick can pass a current of up to 10 amps when squeezed!

Para a malta da Fabricação, eis uma folha de Alumínio Adonizado, que poderá ser cortada a Laser:

Anodised Aluminium Sheet
1 mm thick half-hard aluminium sheets with a minimum useable area of 290mm x 290 mm coloured both sides by high quality anodising. (Supplied slightly larger to allow for burning on edges). These brightly coloured sheets can be cut, punched, folded and generally post-formed without damage. (Uniform micro-cracking along a fold does not spoil appearance). This pre-coloured material is stunning in appearance and gives an immediate quality uplift to any application. (Quote colour - black, red, purple, blue).

... E a bela da Folha de Policarbonato, resistente que se farta, para toda a espécie de Engenhocas, veículos, etc.

Polycarbonate Sheet
This optically clear material is distinctive amongst sheet plastics because of its supreme impact resistance and toughness – and is used extensively in applications including:

- architectural glazing
- interior fittings
- safety guarding
- riot shields
- optical & medical instruments

It is not commonly available in smaller sheets and so we hope that the clear optical grade now supplied by TR will help to satisfy needs for small-scale prototyping. Despite its toughness and impact resistance, it can be guillotined, sawn, machined, drilled and thermo-formed very easily. 

Por isso, vão lá que em cada um destes exemplos, aparecem em rodapé mais coisas parecidas, ou coisas que quem comprou estas, comprou também, por isso, passam um bom tempo, de boca aberta...

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