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sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011


Começa com esta Borracha Transparente e Condutora, aqui usada para os IPads e etc. mas com muito mais uso:

Make Conductive Rubber: Transparent stylus-iPod/iPhone

I call it Oogoo II. It is a DIY conductive silicone rubber that can be used to create a transparent stylus for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other capacitive screen smart phones. Because the contact part of the stylus is transparent, you can see your lines and draw more precisely than with a regular stylus.

Talvez no Futuro tenhamos Iluminação a Laser de luz Branca...

White laser light found to be just as easy on the eyes as LEDs

By Ben Coxworth

With incandescent light bulbs in the process of being phased out around the world, LEDs are one of the most promising technologies for taking over our day-to-day lighting needs - they use less energy, provide more light, contain less toxic substances, and are tougher than incandescents. That said, they may not be the one and only best choice. Lasers are even more efficient than LEDs at high amperages, although scientists have long believed that the quality of white light produced by diode lasers would be unpleasing to the human eye. According to a study recently carried out by Sandia National Laboratories, however, the human eye appears to like their light just fine.

E para a pura e simples Diversão, uma Besta que atira... Bolas de Neve!

Crossbow Snow Launcher goes one up in 'cold war' arms race

By Darren Quick

With winter fast approaching in the northern hemisphere and snowbound hostilities due to recommence in neighborhoods across the globe it might be worth updating your arsenal with this Crossbow Snow Launcher from The Sharper Image. With the ability to shoot snowballs distances of up to 60 feet (18 m) the device is sure to give you the upper hand in any Hoth-like conflict without the risk of tearing a rotator cuff.

To prime the device, simply place a ball in the front, pull back the lever until it locks and you're ready to aim and fire. An included snowball press that churns out three perfectly sized snowballs at a time ensures you'll have a nice stockpile of ammo, while the ergonomic design and improved launching mechanism means your trigger finger will just be getting warmed up while your adversary's arms are tiring. It also comes with a vinyl target to let you get your eye in before entering into target-rich environments.

E isto é que é Impressão 3D do caraças, VELCRO!
Uma das tais ideias que nos faz levar a mão à testa e dizer "porque é que ninguém se lembrou disto?"

3D-Printed Velcro (yes, you read it right)

“This is the first iteration (third internal) of my attempt to make printable Velcro. It is pretty nice to hang things, probably this small piece will resist much more than a kilogram of weight (hanging weight) and it is very easy to remove.

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