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segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2011

Biclas, e Canitos!

Que tal uma Bicicleta Eléctrica desdobrável, que é uma maravilha?

Folding electric assist bike begins final push for production

By Paul Ridden

Hoping to re-ignite what he calls the "hidden magic" of commuting by bike, Washington-born designer Gabriel Wartofsky has been working on a folding e-bike project for the last two years, and is now entering the final stages of pre-production. Prototype number one of his first- and last-mile mobility solution has been taken for hundreds of test rides leading to rider-suggested modifications and design tweaks, crowd-sourced funding has been secured, and final stage manufacturing partners are now being brought on board ahead of an initial limited availability production run in Q1 2012.

...E que tal, nunca mais apanhar as "prendas" dos vossos Canitos, um Icinerador de fezes, que deixa saír apenas Cinza, 100% Esterilizada?

AshPoopie concept turns dog doo into ashes

By Pawel Piejko

Most dog-walkers accept the necessity of cleaning up after their charges, but no one is claiming that it's a pleasurable experience. While we've seen eco-friendly dog waste disposal bags and systems that turn poop into plant fertilizer, we've yet to come across an approach that takes care of both collection and disposal quite like AshPoopie. Still a concept at this stage, the AshPoopie from Israel-based Paulee CleanTech is a kind of portable refuse incinerator crossed with ordinary one-handed pet waste scoop that's designed to turn feces into 100% sterile ash on the spot.

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