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sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

Uma Impressora 3D barata?

Bem, é a metade do preço, a 14.500 Dólares:

3D Systems ProJet 1500: an affordable personal color 3D Printer

On September 26th, 3D Systems announced the immediate availability of the ProJet 1500 personal 3D printer priced at $14,500, making high-resolution durable color parts accessible to more designers, engineers, architects, marketers, educators and students.

This new 3D printer print high-resolution, durable plastic parts in up to six different colors. Parts printed on the ProJetTM 1500 are tough and suitable for a variety of functional testing and snap-fit applications.

The ProJet 1500 is network ready, featuring email notifications and an intuitive web browser interface for shared access and is office compatible, emitting no excess heat, odor or dust.

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