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segunda-feira, 19 de setembro de 2011

Ponoko, com Material de Suporte, em Material como ABS? Porreiro, pá!!!

Isto tirou-me as chatices todas da cabeça, um Material com a resistência do ABS impresso com um material de suporte, que sai com àgua, isto é, podem fazer PEÇAS EMBUTIDAS.
Por exemplo, umas rodas, dentro dum carro, que não saem, porque o eixo roda dentro do carro.

New material: Durable Fine Plastic for 3D printing — with gelatin support material
We’ve got another new 3D printing material for you, and this one is a real performer!

Durable Fine Plastic will give you excellent detail, a nice smooth finish, and tough-as-ABS durability. It also has great temperature and impact resistance.

But the best thing about this material is that your design is actually printed in two materials — one a UV curable resin that will harden into the final product and the other a gelatin support material that is removed in post-production.

This means you can make stuff like nested, interlinking, or hollow objects.

The support material is printed alongside the plastic resin and is removed using high pressure water spray. Your design will need to be strong enough to stand up to the water spray. For hollow objects, you’ll need to design a hole through which the support material can drain out. And if you have a super intricate design, it could be tricky to wash off all of the jelly. : )

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