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quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

Helicóptero eléctrico!

Isto promete...

Modern-day aviation pioneer achieves world's first untethered, manned electric helicopter flight

By Loz Blain

It's easy to look back at the history of exploration and aviation and feel like there's no mountains left to climb, that the age of the great pioneers is behind us and we're doomed to a future of LCD tanning and monitor hypnosis. But don't try telling that to Pascal Chretien. On August 12, this electrical/aerospace engineer and helicopter pilot took to the air in the world's first untethered, fully electric manned helicopter flight in a prototype machine that he designed and built almost entirely by himself within a 12 month development period. In his 2 minute, 10 second test flight, Chretien beat aviation giant Sikorsky into the record books - but it was not without significant risk. As the man himself puts it: "in case of crash I stand good chances to end up in kebab form."

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E mais esta maravilha!

Do Blog da Sculpteo:

3D Printing complex parts

In this Robot Dreams video, Hiro Maruoka (Marubeni Systems) shows some complex parts/assemblies produced on Stratasys 3D Printers.

Hiro Maruoka of Marubeni Systems showed us several complex mechanisms that were 3D printed as complete assemblies. The internal gaps and clearances were printed with a soluble material that was easily disolved after the object finished printing.

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