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segunda-feira, 8 de agosto de 2011

Halftone CNC!

Isto é porreiro!

Do Blog da Ponoko:

Halftone pictures drawn by CNC

DIY device gives a modern twist to nostalgic graphic artform

Finnish AllTheMods user Tomi has been cutting up some pretty impressive things since he first built his own CNC machine. One of the more interesting recent explorations is this series of halftone images, milled into a4 sized sheets of stained plywood.

Click through to see a great video of Tomi’s DIY CNC 2 in action, where he shows not only the cutting head zipping along but also a fairly comprehensive overview of the rest of the setup.

Lembram-se de ontem, a Bicicleta que podia servir para Amputados?
Para quem tenha meios, eis um Site só para esse fim:
Discovery is the mobility device that started it all! Today it’s the bike children want for its funky design, bright colours and great ride. More than freedom, Discovery lets an individual create their own ‘sense of cool.’

From those with simple balance problems to more involved cases of cerebral palsy, spina bifida, downs syndrome, head injury, muscular dystrophy, autism and little people, Discovery offers therapy and fun.

With quick release mechanisms, Discovery adapts easily from one rider to another, making it the choice of many therapists, schools, and care facilities. Discovery is designed to provide excellent stability and fit through standard door openings.

The funky DCP 12 rides on 12” wheels and is packed with features.

Que isto inspire muitas Empresas, e Empresários, presentes, e futuros! 

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