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segunda-feira, 18 de julho de 2011

Uma data de coisas

Nem dá para acreditar, mas esta Gigajoga é Impressa (3D) em Papel!
Do Blog da Sculpteo:

Cube Gears: entirely made of 3D Printed paper

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If you are a faithful reader of Sculpteo 3D Printing blog you should remember a 3D Printer that use A4 Paper as a raw material
The 3D Printer from Mcor Technologies has printed this Cube made of gears
Now, while you might not think that this object from Mcor is all that extraordinary—after all, the other guys have created a wrench and this appears to be nothing more than a pink geared thing—it is arguably all the more extraordinary because of what that pink geared thing is made with:

O já conhecido Mini Me da Scuplteo, chega a este Site com tudo o que é para Geeks, e não só:!/articles/4980-technopolis-sculpteo-figurines

Desta não estavam à espera, nem eu, um Dissipador de Calor onde também rodam as aletas!

New Spinning Heat Sink Design Could Trim Energy Use and Unleash Processing Power
By Clay Dillow

Heat exchanger technology--the cooling machinery that ferries internal heat away from your PC, your computer, your air conditioner, and other appliances--hasn’t changed too terribly much for decades. That’s led to some limiting problems: For instance, more powerful computer chips can’t be run at their full potential because they might overheat. But a new kind of heat sink developed at Sandia National Labs could change all that--and potentially shave seven percent off US electricity consumption.

Conventional heat exchangers have a few primary components: a solid disk or plate that absorbs heat from the source (like a computer’s processor), a bank of metal fins that help ferry the heat away from that disk (the heat sink), and a fan that stirs up the air around the fins to facilitate the outward movement of heat.

... E este projecto impecável, uma Roda grande do meu amigo Jon da WoodMarvels, ganda Roda, pá!


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