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sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2011

O Triosk, e Dados de Poker com Naipes!

O Triosk, e Dados de Poker com Naipes! 

Já alguma vez viram um Dado de Poker com Naipes?
Só eu é que podia pensar nisto!

1 - Triosk, a Quiosk on the back of a Vespa Tricicle or any car. A self-employment chance for the Paraplegic and Amputees. Hoist yourself from the driver's seat, turn around, you're in business. Simple!

2 - Suit up Poker Die with the 4 suits, more odds to bet! Throw them into a wedge, an open book, etc. The suit that's up is the "card"'s suit.

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