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domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Campos Morfogenéticos, escamas, e óculos impressos em 3D

Um significado completamente novo para a frase "macaco vê, macaco imita"!!!

Talvez assim se explique a ocorrência, ao longo da História, de Invenções e Descobertas em paralelo, quase simultâneamente, por todo o Globo:

100Th Monkey
A very bright female monkey on a small island was taught to wash sweet potatoes in the seawater. She then taught other members of the tribe to do this. When approximately 100 monkeys had learned this procedure, many other remote monkey tribes started washing potatoes in the same manner. But the interesting thing is that these other tribes were situated on other remote islands and also on the mainland. That is, they had no possible way of acquiring this knowledge, other by some form of intuitive universal “sharing”.
The BBC in London tried out Sheldrake’s Theory on 8 million of their viewers. They showed on prime time TV, a difficult puzzle that only a very small percentage of their viewers were able to solve. Then the correct answer was also given on prime time TV. Shortly after, the same experiment was repeated by a TV network in another country. A far higher percentage of these foreign viewers were able to get the puzzle right the first time. As the puzzle was in the form of a universal pictorial concept, language and customs were not considered to be a factor.
The BBC and Sheldrake concluded that as the correct answer was now existing within the human morphogenetic field then the human race now “knows” the answer. Basically Sheldrake’s Theory explains “intuitive” functioning to a degree.
What Sheldrake is saying is that there is a “larger” mind for each life-form and each individual life-form “programs” that larger mind. The theory might be laughable except for Sheldrake’s acceptance in the scientific community and also the BBC experiment.

Passando agora para algo de decorativo, como pintar Escamas à pistola!

Um par de ideias porreiras, do Blog da Ponoko, primeiro, uma maneira de fazer Armações para os vosso Óculos pela Net, ainda em fase de criação:

Design and 3D print your own glasses!

Glasses are, if nothing else a geek status symbol – definitive proof that you’ve done enough all-nighters staring into textbooks, crafting code or generating geometry on computer screens to have blured your vision permanently. Anyone whose spent time at the optometrist will know its tough to select the perfect pair of frames… Fortunately OYO’s 3d print app is set to appear in the cloud soon for a private beta test programme.

E, mais uma, vez através do Blog da Ponoko, mais esta MARAVILHA, transformar tudo num robot!

The Plick Project

Plick is an interactive building toy. It is made of different robotic parts that are connected through elastic wiring. The behavior of the toy can be "programmed" by clicking the various parts in different combinations. The connection is made with this special elastic wiring that allows the toy to be attached to everyday objects, to other toys, furniture, body parts, and make them interactive by themselves.
It would work like this: To put an engine for work, you connect it to the battery. Once connected, it starts spinning. (There is a button to change the direction of the spin). To the same battery, a sensor (lets say, a light sensor) can be attached. When the light sensor is attached to the engine, the engine stop working, and will only spin in the moment the sensor detects light. There are a range of different sensors, such as sound sensor, distance sensor, and many other that can be built. Instead of an engine, many other actuators could be attached to the sensors, such as speakers, lamps and others.
Plick allows complex behaviours and programming to emerge from very simple connections of its different units. And its design allows it to be attached to different objects, to give them the desired actions and interactivity.

...E como é preciso apoiar o que é nosso, ponho aqui uma buxa por esta Empresa, que acho simpática, uma empresa da Àrea das Energias Renováveis:

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