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sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

Veículos estapafúrdios!

Uma data deles!
Este Conceito, já tem Décadas, mas parece que este modelo conduz-se melhor que os outros...

EDWARD - a diwheel student-built vehicle that really works
By Pawel Piejko
Designed and built by a team of students from Australia's University of Adelaide, EDWARD is a futuristic, purely electric dicycle - also known as a diwheel. Although it looks like transportation from the realm of science fiction, the vehicle is fully operational and can be controlled with surprising precision.

Uma prancha de Skate eléctrica, ou lá o que é, de respeito...

Scarpar's high speed, all-terrain powerboard set to launch within months
By Loz Blain

Two years ago, we had a look at the Scarpar - a twin-tracked, high speed all terrain powerboard that seemed like a promising power toy. Well, we've just spoken to Scarpar CEO Andrew Fern, who has confirmed that this unique vehicle is going into production later this year, and he's taking deposits as of now. Basically everything on the board has been changed since the last prototype we saw - it now runs an independent electric motor in each of the two articulating tracks, and the hand-held throttle and brake unit is now wireless.

E uma Hoverbyke!

Australian built Hoverbike prepares for takeoff
By Darren Quick

dventurous motorcyclists might be familiar with the thrill of getting airborne at the top of a rise, but the Hoverbike is set to take catching some air to a whole new level. With a 1170 cc 4-stroke engine delivering 80 kW driving two ducted propellers, the inventor of the Hoverbike, Chris Malloy, says with its high thrust to weight ratio, the Hoverbike should be able to reach an estimated height of more than 10,000 feet and reach an indicated airspeed of 150 knots (278 km/h or 173 mph).

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