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terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

Mineração Lunar, Astronáutica, e... Soalhos!

Minerar Hélio-3 no Lado Escuro da Lua!
Parece um título de Ficção-Científica, mas as Empresas e Países envolvidos nessa Corrida, são bem reais...

Mining Helium-3 will Transform Dark Side of the Moon
Russia, India, China, Caterpillar, Google, and Virgin race for the Moon to mine helium-3--an isotope that can transform our energy future through nuclear fusion
Most people are unaware that our Moon holds countless resources. Some are familiar: titanium, platinum, silicon, ammonia, mercury, and even water (yes, H20 has been confirmed to be present on the moon). But a more elusive substance, which is a rarity here on Earth, is also found on the Moon: helium-3.

Helium-3 is a non-radioactive hydrogen isotope with one neutron and two protons. It is carried through space via the Sun’s solar winds, but burns up as it enters Earth’s atmosphere, making it almost non-existent here on our planet. However, an abundance of helium-3 has built up on the Moon’s surface over the millennia as confirmed in soil samples collected by the Apollo 17 lunar mission, and it is just waiting to be mined. Why you ask? Because, helium-3 can fuel non-radioactive nuclear fusion reactions to produce safe, clean, abundant energy, and can completely transform our energy future.

A Austrália não dorme...

Australia's Plasma Thruster Could Get a Space Trial as Soon as 2013
By Clay Dillow
For all their promise for future space propulsion schemes, plasma drives have had a hard time gaining momentum. A $3.1 million grant aims to change that, giving Australian National University physicists a lift that should help them see their plasma engine all the way to orbit aboard a European satellite within two years.

ANU’s Plasma Research Lab is turning ten years of research into the Helicon Double Layer Thruster (HDLT), and if they can get it working consistently in the next two years it could head to space in 2013 as part of a collaboration between ANU, Surrey University, and European space/aerospace behemoth EADS-Astrium.

E, num trambolhão, de volta para a Terra, um Site para que lida com Pavimentos!

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