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quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

Campos Magnéticos, guias no escuro, e CNC em casa

91,4 Teslas!
Um Recorde Mundial de força, num Campo Magnético!

German Lab Generates the Strongest Magnetic Field Ever Created
By Clay Dillow

Call it another victory for German design. Researchers in Dresden have set a new world record for the strongest magnetic field ever manufactured at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory Dresden (HZDR). Using a two-layer, 440-pound copper coil the size of a water bucket, they managed to coax 91.4 teslas from their creation for just a few milliseconds, surpassing the previous record of 89 teslas.

That’s a lot of teslas. Your standard high-power copper coil would be torn apart at something like 25 teslas, the researchers say. That’s because the magnetic field and the electric current that creates it work at cross purposes at higher energies. The current running through the coil generates the magnetic field, but the magnetic field pushes back against the electrons flowing through the coil. The stronger the current, the more the magnetic field pushes back, and once the current crosses a certain threshold the magnet will quite literally tear itself apart.

Um cinto vibrátil, que orienta Soldados no escuro, talvez um dia,  essa tecnologia, mais barata, oriente Cegos, na vida civil:

Haptic Vibrating Belts Guide U.S. Soldiers Through the Darkness
By Rebecca Boyle
Soldiers already have plenty of nighttime tech to help them navigate battlefields, but goggles can be clunky and obtrusive, and backlit GPS displays can betray a lurking warfighter’s position. A new haptic interface developed by Army researchers will help soldiers feel their way through the darkness instead.
Researchers at the Army Research Office developed a vibrating belt with eight mini actuators — “tactors” — that signify all the cardinal directions. The belt is hooked up to a GPS navigation system, a digital compass and an accelerometer, so the system knows which way a soldier is headed even if he’s lying on his side or on his back.

E uma máquina de CNC feita em casa, por 300 Dólares!

Desktop CNC machine for $300 — an open hardware project on Kickstarter 

When Edward Ford told us about his plan to launch a Kickstarter project for his self-built CNC machine — made with SparkFun electronics and laser cut with his Personal Factory — we jumped at the chance to support his project.

The ShapeOko is a complete, desktop CNC machine that anyone can build for about $300. And its all open-source!

From the ShapeOko Kickstarter page: “From CAD and CAM software to the CNC controller; every step has an open source solution. Did we mention the entire project itself is open source? Every nut, every bolt, every belt, fully documented with part numbers and vendor list. Do with it as you please!”

The goal is to finalize the ShapeOko design, make it repeatable, and then freely distribute it under an open source license.

And project funding will go to finishing the design (purchasing materials, paying for laser cutting time, testing new designs, and exploring ways to drive the final build cost even lower than $300)

This project needs just $1,500 by July 26th.—-an-open-hardware-project-on-kickstarter/

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