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quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2011

Autómatos, Astronomia, e Motores


The Singing Bird Pistols

Last month Christie's auctioned off a matching pair of "mirror-image gold, enamel, agate, pearl and diamond-set singing bird pistols". The "pistols" are incredible. They were made by the Frères Rochat in the 1820s for the Chinese market and had an estimated auction price was $2.5 - $5 million. They sold for over $5,866,499.

Isto é que é Electricidade...
The Strongest Electrical Current in the Universe Spotted, 2 Billion Light Years From Here
By Clay Dillow

Galaxy 3C303, Keeping Current Generated from a Very Large Array image, this image shows the huge jet of current stretching for 150,000 light years across galaxy 3C303. Philipp P. Kronberg, Richard V.E. Lovelace, Giovanni Lapenta, Stirling A. Colgate via arXiv

Looking for a source of renewable electricity? Researchers at the University of Toronto have found some serious current emanating from a huge cosmic jet 2 billion light years from Earth. At 1018 amps, the current is the strongest current ever seen, equalling something like a trillion bolts of lightning.

The awesome current was found around the galaxy 3C303, whose core is the origin of a massive matter jet. While measuring the alignment of radio waves around 3C303, the researchers noticed a swift and sudden shift in the alignment of those radio waves, the telltale sign of an electrical current.

E um Motor do Caraças!

Para quem não percebe Alemão, cá vai, em Inglês:
Hüttlin Spherical Engine
How it Works:
This one is so far away from normal engine design it's almost hard to comprehend. To start, imagine a very stout pin in the center of a sphere. Attached to this pin are two pairs of pistons, arranged in a pseudo-triangular configuration. The two sets of pistons face each other and create two semi-toroidal opposed piston combustion chambers. Attached to the back side of the pistons at the top of the triangle are two very large ball bearings which lie in a track on the stationary outer housing. As the piston and combustion chamber assembly rotates, the bearings guide the pistons to create a back-and-forth rocking motion that's recognizable as a four-stroke combustion engine cycle. Output is taken from a gearset machined into the piston housing or it can act as a generator. The incredible part is that this wildly complex engine has already gone through several generations of refinement and simplification.

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