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terça-feira, 17 de maio de 2011

Muitas, e boas Notícias!

Começando pela melhor, um Exoesqueleto mais leve e BARATO, desenvolvido por uma Universidade, para um dos seus estudantes. Impecável!
Video: Robotic Exoskeleton Helps Paralyzed College Student Walk Across the Stage at Graduation
Exoskeletons are valuable for several reasons — they can help military personnel carry a heavier load, and they can be used all in the name of fun. But this one might be the best use of all: A 22-year-old paraplegic college graduate, paralyzed since a 2007 car crash, used an exoskeleton to walk across the stage Saturday to receive his diploma.

Austin Whitney, a history and political science major at the University of California-Berkeley, spent nine months working with Homayoon Kazerooni, creator of the HULC exoskeleton and the eLegs rehabilitation system.

O Aerogel não pára de evoluir, agora é um Aerogel com a estrutura dum Diamante!
New Diamond Aerogel is the Airiest Diamond Ever Made
By Rebecca Boyle
Diamonds are the hardest solid materials we know, and the ghostly space-age materials known as aerogels are the least dense. Looking for a challenge, scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory decided to combine these substances and turn out a spongy, translucent version of a girl’s best friend.

The result is a diamond aerogel, definitely the least dense diamond ever and perhaps one of the most valuable aerogels ever. Both aerogels and diamonds have interesting qualities, so a substance that combines their properties could be useful for, say, optics, quantum computing or structural engineering, among other possibilities.

Traceparts, o Site que vos dá ficheiros 2D e 3D de toda a espécie de peças e componentes tem novidades, novos Catálogos:

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