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quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011


Uma nova espécie de Baterias, para Automóveis que carregam em Minutos...

New battery technology may allow for complete recharging within minutes

By Ben Coxworth

Of all the criticisms of electric vehicles, probably the most commonly-heard is that their batteries take too long to recharge – after all, limited range wouldn't be such a big deal if the cars could be juiced up while out and about, in just a few minutes. Well, while no one is promising anything, new batteries developed at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign do indeed look like they might be a step very much in the right direction. They are said to offer all the advantages of capacitors and batteries, in one unit.
"This system that we have gives you capacitor-like power with battery-like energy," said U Illinois' Paul Braun, a professor of materials science and engineering. "Most capacitors store very little energy. They can release it very fast, but they can't hold much. Most batteries store a reasonably large amount of energy, but they can't provide or receive energy rapidly. This does both."

Prás Patroas, uma Bicicleta desdobrável que vira carrinho de compras!
Of the various cycling goodies that were on display last week at the 2011 International Taipei Bicycle Show, one that stood out for its ingenuity was the Amxma Simple One folding bike. Made by Taiwan's Long Antelope Enterprise Company, the Simple One is for the most part just like any other folding bicycle – what makes it special is the fact that when it's folded up, it can be wheeled into your local grocery store and used as a shopping cart.

Um PC Todo-o-Terreno...

Vigor EX: Rugged solution for high-performance field computing

By Paul Ridden
There are occasions when mobile computing needs in the field simply can't be met by notebook or tablet
solutions. The kind of high performance processing needed for applications like geospatial imagery analysis, UAV ground control, or HD digital video processing is often given over to rack-mounted servers, but NextComputing has another option. Sporting the latest off-the-shelf components within a rugged dual-design chassis, the Vigor EX compact, mobile, all-in-one workstation solutions are built to withstand more than the odd bump and designed to operate in harsh environments.

E um alarme com Gás Pimenta!

Burglar Blaster alarm greets intruders with pepper spray

By Ben Coxworth
This is one home security alarm you won't want to trigger by mistake! Burglar Blaster mounts on a wall inside the home, and once armed, uses an infrared beam to detect when an intruder has entered the house. It then emits a cloud of pepper spray, that will severely inconvenience anyone within 2,000 square feet (186 square meters).
The Burglar Blaster runs for up to four years on a set of eight C cell batteries, so it requires no electrical skills to install. Its 4-ounce (118-ml) pepper spray canister has a shelf life of three years, and can be replaced without tools.

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