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segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

Notícias do caraças!

Uma BOA notícia, Motores a Explosão para as vossas carripanas, com 4 VEZES MAIS POTÊNCIA!
4 vezes mais viagem por depósito cheio...  É bom!

Shockwave-Generating Wave Discs Could Replace Internal Combustion Engines
By Rebecca Boyle

Michigan researchers have built a prototype of a new auto motor that does away with pistons, crankshafts and valves, replacing the old internal combustion engine with a disc-shaped shock wave generator. It could slash the weight of hybrid cars and reduce auto emissions by 90 percent.
The generator is about the size of a saucepot, and would replace the 1,000-pound power train in most cars — no transmission, cooling system, emissions regulation or fluids needed. Norbert Müller and colleagues at Michigan State University showed off the new motor prototype at a meeting with the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Continuando a poupar no "pitroil", neste caso, Geradores a Diesel, que só precisam de estar ligados 3 horas por dia, devido às suas potentes Baterias de Apoio:

Diesel-battery generators could cut troop fuel use at least by half.
By Phil McKenna
The U.S. Armed Forces are heavily burdened by the financial and tactical costs of transporting fuel to the battlefield. This July, in an effort to address the problem, the United States Marine Corps will deploy a pair of diesel generators coupled with powerful batteries to frontline troops in Afghanistan. The hybrid power systems should cut by 50 to 70 percent the amount of fuel needed to generate electricity, according to the manufacturer, Earl Energy of Portsmouth, Virginia.
The generators that U.S. military camps currently use operate inefficiently because they need to handle ocassional peaks in demand. "You may have a 10-kilowatt generator that at any time is only producing 1.5 kilowatts of power to satisfy its load," says Doug Moorehead, president of Earl Energy. "So you are wasting 8.5 kilowatts of power that you aren't storing for later use," he says.

Esta nova espécie de "Músculos" eléctricos, vai dar maior flexibilidade aos Robots:

Video: Jelly-Like Artificial Muscles Improve Robotic Flexibility With Rotary Motion
By Julie Beck

Replacing some of the nuts and bolts in robots’ bodies with stretchy artificial muscles would allow them to be more flexible and lifelike than ever. Researchers at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute in New Zealand have succeeded in using such soft muscles in a motor that creates continuous rotational force. The motor uses only a few parts beside the muscle and needs no gears, cogs or bearings.

...E uma notícia demasiado maluca para não cá a pôr, uma Guitarra REALMENTE da Pesada!

Shotgun Guitar

Swedish police discovered a double barrel shotgun disguised as a guitar when they raided the home of a man suspected of dealing in stolen weapons.

Aside from the six more conventional weapons found in the apartment and a quantity of ammunition, police discovered that a wall-mounted guitar was not quite as it first appeared.

The neck of the guitar has been hollowed out and equipped with two shotgun barrels, while the body of the string instrument contained the beginnings of trigger mechanism.

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