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sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2011

Notícias, uma delas inquietante...

E começo já com a notícia inquietante, Cientistas que afirmam que se pode projectat o "ego" duma pessoa para outros corpos e até um terceiro braço(!)

Scientists claim that 'self' can relocate to other bodies, or be made to include a third arm
By Ben Coxworth
09:29 February 24, 2011

For millennia, philosophers have debated whether or not the self exists solely in the mind, the body, or both. Well, it's unclear whether this will help clear things up or just muddy the waters further, but Swedish neuroscientists are now claiming that the human brain can add outside objects such as a third arm to one's physical sense of self, and that people can even mentally project their "self" out of their own body and into someone else's. If these findings hold up, the implications for virtual reality, robotics and prostheses could be substantial.

Papel prateado (com prata, mesmo) pode servir para purificar a àgua!

Silver-coated paper could be used for emergency water purification
By Ben Coxworth

14:46 February 24, 2011
Silver is well-known for its antibacterial qualities, which has led to the use of silver nanoparticles in devices such as an experimental water filtration system developed by Stanford University. That system is intended as a relatively permanent setup, and it requires a small electrical current. Researchers from Montreal’s McGill University, however, have come up with a silver-based water treatment system that could conceivably be used instantly, in any place and at any time. While not intended as a routine method of killing water-borne bacteria, it could be very useful in emergency situations such as disaster relief.

...E para acabar por hoje, um Instructable porreiro, fazer uma máquina a vapor só com material de loja de ferragens:

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