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segunda-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2010


Bolhas de ar debaixo dos cascos dos cargueiros, podem poupar até 15% de Combustível!
Airships of the sea
Naval architecture: Blasting a cushion of air bubbles under a moving vessel’s hull can reduce its fuel consumption 
IF YOU blow a lot of air bubbles under a ship, and keep them coming, “good things will happen”, says Steven Ceccio, an expert on bubbles at the University of Michigan’s mechanical-engineering department in Ann Arbor. When air is pumped rapidly out of small holes in a ship’s hull, the swarming bubbles will quickly join together and coat the hull with a layer of air a centimetre or two thick. This reduces drag, because air offers far less resistance than water.

Do Facebook da Ponoko, poderão imprimir os Vossos Circuitos Integrados, Transistor por Transistor, na Impressora 3D Makerbot:

MakerBot Printable Transistors

by Ponoko on Monday, December 27, 2010 at 1:47pm
The Unicorn Pen Plotter is a versatile addition for anyone’s MakerBot.
Mr.Kim and John Sarik saw the magic in the Unicorn, and when they put their heads together some interesting developments soon emerged.
Presented at Botacon 0 was a work-in-progress demonstration of their project where transistors are being plotted using sub-micron silver inks.
I think we have a working process in hand. Now it is only a matter of engineering to refine it.
...Por isso, visitem a página do Botacon:

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