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sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

CNC para o Povo...

Peçam isto ao Pai Natal, mas atenção, por este preço é só a versão básica, leiam o texto, no fim...

The V90 is a high performance, general purpose machine, suitable for many uses such as clock making, plaques, RC aircraft parts and more!
The machine kit is easily assembled in about an hour with screwdrivers and a 7/16" nutdriver or wrench. Heavy Duty, Rigid MDF Contruction is test assembled to assure proper fit and ease of alignment. The Fireball V90 CNC router is Not a toy machine.
This machine is supported by the FireBall CNC Yahoo Group. Feel free to drop in there to learn more or to ask any questions before buying.
The base kit is supplied as a mechanical machine kit only. No motors, electronics, spindle or software is included.

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