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quinta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2010

2D, 3D, tudo da mesma loja

Já podem mandar fazer de tudo, no mesmo Site, na Ponoko, Corte Laser de placas de vários materiais E AGORA, tambem, Impressão 3D, em vários materiais!

Da Página Facebook da Ponoko:

announcing the Ponoko + CloudFab partnership
Ponoko is bringing the power of product design to the masses. We began in 2007 by offering laser-cutting and earlier this year added electronics to the mix. Today we are elated to announce that the new Ponoko Personal Factory 4 offers 3D printing!!
CloudFab has joined our global digital making network, giving Ponoko customers the ability to create 3D printed designs. All with no set up fees, no minimum orders, and a free one year replacement policy.
We’ve added five new 3D printable materials to our materials catalog including durable white plastic, superfine plastic, rainbow color plastic, stainless steel, and gold plated stainless steel.

Vão lá ver:

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