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quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010


A Rússia vai promover o Turismo Espacial:

Russia Aims to Launch First-Ever Commercial Space Station Within Five Years
By Julie Beck
A pair of Russian aerospace companies have announced plans to launch the first commercial space station, in 2015 or perhaps 2016. The station will have room for up to seven astronauts, scientists, and wealthy citizens to perform experiments or just take in the scenery. Meanwhile, U.S. company Bigelow Aerospace is also aiming to launch a private space station, possibly as soon as 2015 -- the race is on.

...E foram atingidos os 60 MILHÕES de Rotações por Minuto!

Spinning Slice of Graphene Is Fastest Spinning Object Ever, At 60 Million RPM
By Dan Nosowitz

Graphene, Captured by a Transmission Electron Microscope National Center for Electron Microscopy

Scientists at the University of Maryland at College Park have managed to clock a floating piece of graphene at an unbelievable 60 million rpm, far faster than any other macroscopic object yet measured. Even crazier: Given graphene's strength, one of the scientists says that may only be a thousandth of its possible top speed.

Graphene is a derivation of graphite, which in turn comes from carbon. Basically, graphite comes from stacked sheets of carbon, and graphene is made of one-atom-thick separated graphite sheets, which form a honeycomb crystal structure. Graphene has some pretty incredible properties: It conducts electricity better than any other known material at room temperature and exhibits a startling amount of strength, given its 2D structure. A bit of graphene the same thickness as plastic wrap would require 2.5 tons of force to puncture it.

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