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segunda-feira, 6 de setembro de 2010

Mais uma Impressora a 3D

UP! a nova Impressora 3D.

Esta, vem já montada, só 5 ou 6 parafusos, e já está.
Algumas palavras, do Facebook da Ponoko:

The complete story of Whystler’s adventure with the UP! printer is below (along with more pictures). It’s well worth the read, but I’ve also chosen a few key points.
  • It’s a real 3D printer. The company website may look a little sketchy, but the printer exists and it really works. (yay!)
  • It’s basically plug-and-play with setup taking less than an hour.
  • It prints in 0.2-0.4mm layers depending on the desired detail and speed.
  • The detail is at least as good as a well-tuned Makerbot or Reprap, but don’t expect the perfectly smooth surface of a really high-end printer.
  • Read the entire manual before setting up the printer.
  • The PP3DP is selling the UP! for $1500 for the first 100 sold, then the price goes up to $3000. Here’s a pricing guide for some DIY printers.
A maquineta a funcionar:

A história completa:!/notes/ponoko/review-of-the-up-3d-printer/427576357546

O Site da Empresa onde podem comprar:

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