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sexta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2010


A primeira imagem dum plasmóide, no caminho para a Fusão a Frio:

Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Has Captured a Picture of a Plasmoid in their Dense Plasma Focus Fusion Project
On our first day of full functioning with the ICCD, we got our first picture of a plasmoid on shot 14. (This was a relatively small shot with a late pinch due to too much fill gas, or too little current for the gas. The current was 600 kA with 20 torr fill.) The image , Figure 1, slightly contrast-enhanced, is taken directly side-on, perpendicular to the axis of the device through the quartz view window.

Escudos magnéticos Anti-Radiação, para a viagem a Marte:

Shields up! Force fields could protect Mars missions
28 July 2010 by Marcus Chown
Interplanetary adventurers must contend with deadly solar radiation – but the moon's magnetic memories may hold the key to safe space flight

BORED on their six-month journey to Mars? Not a bit of it. Whenever the astronauts look out of the window, they find themselves mesmerised by the glowing, shimmering sphere of plasma that surrounds their spacecraft. Hard to believe that the modest electromagnet at the heart of their ship can produce something so beautiful.
Not that the magnet's raison d'être is aesthetic, of course. Its main function is to keep the astronauts from a slow, horrible death by radiation sickness.

...E Raios Gama vindos duma Estrela podem ter causado uma Extinção em Massa:

Gamma-ray burst could kill off ocean life

A cosmic gamma-ray burst striking the Earth could be harmful to ocean plankton at depths of up to 75 m, according to a team of Cuban researchers. These organisms account for up to 40% of the ocean's photosynthesis, so such an event could have a serious impact on Earth's carbon dioxide levels.

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