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quinta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2010

MIDI do caneco!

Acabei de receber isto pelo Facebook, é do catano!

Gimme a Sammich! August 4

SammichSID is the “no excuses” MIDIbox SID synthesizer kit designed in Melbourne by Jason Williams.

sammichSID Low-Down

sammichSID was designed to be the “no excuses” MIDIbox SID synthesizer kit - i.e. for all those people who want a MIDIbox SID but consider building it with modules too time-consuming, too newbie-unfriendly and/or too hard to design and construct a control surface, and where MB-6582 is too expensive, too daunting and/or too hard to source all the parts.
sammichSID therefore has the following design constraints/features, which support each other:
-DIY newbie friendly
-minimal control surface
-single “walwart”/AC adapter supply, no C64 PSU brick!
-stereo SID, optimized for 8580/6582A, 6581 optionally supported
-“sandwich-style” stacked PCB design, no wires!
-laser-cut 3mm acrylic case by Ponoko, customization possible
-industry standard 2×20 character LCD with low-power LED backlight, -customization possible
-common control surface parts used, customization possible
-To be available as a complete kit, including PCBs, components, case, hardware and (optionally) two 6582A SIDs!
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