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quarta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2010


Mais uma máquina de fabricar Peças em 3D:

Tem vídeos e tudo, a máquina a funcionar, é MÚSICA para os ouvidos de qualquer Engenhoca!

Mais um teste.
Baterias em Carros vão ser baterias "secas":
For Electric Cars, Startups Propose Solid-State Batteries
Solid-state batteries take up less space and pack more power. But are they real?
Stereos and TVs have shifted from vacuum tubes to chips. Computers are graduating from hard drives to flash memory. Light bulbs are swapping filaments for LEDs.
A group of startups say batteries could soon make the leap to solid state devices.
Orlando, Florida-based Planar Energy claims it has come up with a formula for a crystalline battery that can boost performance, cut costs, make it easier to erect factories and ultimately pave the way for things like inexpensive, mass-manufactured electric cars that can run on the same battery pack for years.
Prieto Battery, a startup out of Colorado State and named after Professor Amy Prieto, is working on lithium ion batteries made with silicon nanowires. (The picture shows Prieto's battery architecture.) Meanwhile, the Khosla Ventures-backed Sakti3 is developing a safe, dense solid-state lithium-ion battery
Mais estas duas Pitinhas giras, e boas Designers, que fizeram ISTO:

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