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sábado, 17 de julho de 2010

Uma ideia original, e com sentido

E novidades sobre o Planeta Mercúrio:

Mercury Home to Violent Magnetic Storms, Ancient Volcanoes
By Charles Q. Choi Contributor

The small, rocky planet also experienced volcanic activity for much longer than once thought, according to several new studies based on observations during the latest flyby of the small, rocky planet by a NASA spacecraft.

The new findings come from data collected by NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft, which unearthed even more secrets about the closest planet to the sun during its third and last flyby of Mercury last September. To start, the probe discovered Mercury's magnetic field, or "magnetosphere," apparently releases energy in violent magnetic disturbances called substorms far more extreme than comparable ones seen on Earth, which include spikes in the size and intensity here of colorful auroras and the outermost Van Allen radiation belt. 

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