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sexta-feira, 11 de junho de 2010

Um sapato com 5000 anos!

Um sapato com 5000 anos foi encontrado na Arménia, dum modelo usado na IRLANDA(!?!) até 1950!
O Mundo sempre foi pequeno, para as Boas Ideias...

Old shoe steps out after 5,500 years
Armenian footwear was like Irish shoes worn until 1950s
By Randolph E. Schmid
updated 5:08 p.m. ET June 9, 2010

WASHINGTON - About 5,500 years ago someone in the mountains of Armenia put his best foot forward in what is now the oldest leather shoe ever found.

It'll never be confused with a penny loafer or a track shoe, but the well-preserved footwear was made of a single piece of leather, laced up the front and back, researchers reported Wednesday in PLoS One, a journal of the Public Library of Science.

Worn and shaped by the wearer's right foot, the shoe was found in a cave along with other evidence of human occupation. The shoe had been stuffed with grass, which dated to the same time as the leather of the shoe — between 5,637 and 5,387 years ago.

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