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sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

Modelo de Saturno V

Estes, já apanharam o "bicho" das Engenhocas...
Qause 4 andares de altura, um Recorde Mundial, a quase 1000 metros...
Estão QUASE a meter-se no Negócio da Astronáutica Privada!

World's Largest Model Rocket Launch Is Blazing Success
Christine Dell'Amore
National Geographic News
April 27, 2009

At nearly four stories tall, the world's largest model rocket was only a tenth the size of a real rocket. But the craft's April 25 launch in Price, Maryland, was no small feat. 
A replica of a NASA Saturn V rocket, the massive model broke the world record for the tallest and heaviest model rocket that's ever been launched and recovered—36 feet (11 meters) and 1,648 pounds (750 kilograms), respectively.
After soaring to 4,441 feet (1,354 meters), the machine broke into several parts, as planned, and deployed parachutes before landing about a half mile (0.8 kilometer) from the launchpad, amid loud clapping from spectators.
The model's designer, Ohio auto-body specialist Steve Eves, is a child of the space race—"something that's stuck in my mind all these years," he said.

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