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terça-feira, 25 de maio de 2010

Novo Dirigível

Feito de Kevlar, e podendo pairar por cima dum sítio por 1 SEMANA, vai ser interessante, ver isto a voar:

A parte mais porreira para Portugal, é, sem dúvida, o seu uso intensivo de Trabalhadores da Indústria Tễxtil... Isso, mais as nossas horas de bom tempo por ano, pode já pôr alguns Industriais cá do Burgo, a fazer contactos!

With the world’s largest inflatable craft being launched inside the Garret Coliseum in Alabama, US, the giant blimps will take to the skies yet again. Christened as Bullet 580, the pioneering aircraft measures 235ft long, 65ft in diameter and is capable to lift 2,000lbs up to 20,000ft in the air. Developed by E-Green Technologies, the aircraft will run on algae fuel, can be remote controlled and flew with the crew as well. Lift to this £5.5million craft is provided by a system of seven bags filled with helium, while the inner hull is full of ambient air. The airship carries the payloads inside the outer envelope of the balloon which is made from a type of Kevlar and is only one sixteenth of an inch thick but 10 times stronger than steel. With its top speed at 80mph, the airship can take off and land vertically. Also, the giant blimp has a magnificent capacity to hover over an area for a week at a time – something neither airplanes nor satellites can manage. The vehicle can effectively be used for the sightseeing and reconnaissance.

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