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sábado, 22 de maio de 2010

Mais Ciência!

Mais Ciência!

A razão pela qual o Universo existe, apesar de, quando a Matéria e a Antimatéria colidem, aniquilam-se mútuamente:
Thu May 20, 2:41 PM

Michael Bolen
Yahoo! Canada NewsPhysicists have long wondered why the universe exists when matter and anti-matter particles obliterate each other on contact.

But new data from a particle accelerator in the United States suggests a reason.

The tests showed that when anti-protons and protons collide, the resulting new particles show a one per cent skew toward matter over anti-matter. Over a long period of time, this characteristic of the universe could explain why matter has come to dominate over anti-matter.

...Arrepiante, o Hubble observa uma estrela a consumir um Planeta:
Six hundred light-years from Earth, a huge exoplanet circling close to its home star is slowly, inexorably being devoured.
WASP 12B orbits just 2 million miles from its star, which means the surface of the planet reaches temperatures over 2,800 Fahrenheit. The sun’s gravitational pull is stronger on the front surface of the planet than on the back, so the planet has been pulled into a football shape. If you were floating on the gaseous planet, and looking heavenward, the sun would take up nearly the entire sky.

Os nossos Antepassados, os Peixes...
Humans have hardy prehistoric fish ancestors to thank for paving the way to their eventual evolution, a new study suggests.
About 360 million years ago a mass extinction event hit the reset button on Earth's life, wiping out most of the fish that existed then near the time when the first vertebrates (all animals with backbones) crawled from water towards land. The species fortunate enough to survive set the stage for modern vertebrate biodiversity.

Encontrados Fósseis de Invertebrados, muito raro:
A discovery of a huge number of soft-bodied marine animal fossils is giving these critters a fair shake in the fossil record.
Paleontologists found more than 1,500 soft-bodied marine animal fossils, some dating to nearly 500 million years ago. The discovery provides a more complete understanding of marine life at that time and suggests that these soft-bodied sea animals did not die off during a major extinction event during the Cambrian period, as previously thought.

...E para acabar em beleza, um Metamaterial que vai permitir a criação de Câmaras que vêem ATRAVÉS das paredes, detectar tumores, e ainda... Compostos Químicos, SEM abrir os contentores desses Compostos!

A new class of man-made materials could hold the key to creating X-ray-like cameras that can see through walls and clothing.
Called metamaterials, these substances could harness terahertz radiation, light with energies between infrared waves and microwaves. Terahertz waves are essentially low-level heat created by the movement of molecules. They’re largely unexplored as a regime of energy because they are very difficult to detect, but if harnessed could lead to devices with some remarkable abilities.
Terahertz can do things like see through cardboard, styrofoam, or clothes, which is unique compared to infrared, visible, or microwave,” researcher Richard Averitt told

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