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quarta-feira, 5 de maio de 2010

Isometric Drawing with Inkscape

...How about making your own Instructions, by doing Isometric Drawing,

on Inkscape, or any other Vector Drawing Program?
Here's a Tutorial:

Let's pretend we want to figure this piece, with text, and a hole:

As you want to place the object, you Skew it, with various angles, here, it's -30º;

Then you want to know if your picturing a transparent or opaque piece.
Transparent, you just make all lines visible, but if it's opaque, you just want to see the visible ones.
So Fill the object, 255, 255, 255, (white), in this case.
Remember to put the text in the first, upper layer.
As for the hole, you got to make that part, non-existent, by doing Path>Difference:

And now for some Magic, an operation called Motion.
Here's the thing, with some edges to be worked out, but you have the makings of an Isometric Drawing, here: 

As for how to figure out the values for the object's orientation in space, here's a chart for them:

Here's the angles for a front facing solid:

And, finnaly all other Object orientations:

Notice the wrong lines, on some solids?
You just have to select the "face" that should be up front, and push that face to the top level.


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